Update for AE+

I’m currently working on an update for AudioExplorer+, which will add some features that will make it easier for new users to find their way around:

  • Overlay with text that popups when adding items to the queue will be visible longer and have information about the next step
  • Badges on Queue Tab bar indicating the number of items in the queue

Plus, I’ve added the ability to extract album artwork from id3 tags (if available) and use this when importing into the iTunes library (AFAIK not even the Bridge app does this!).

Beta testers will be getting this version in the next few hours/days. I’d like to have this update in Cydia by Easter weekend.

new beta version soon, new icon/s

I’ve finally gotten around to switching to a different AAC conversion library (Michael Tyson’s TPAACAudioConverter) and also adding a function to delete the empty duplicate audio files that AudioExplorer+ produced after an iTunes library import. I hope to have this available to beta testers in the next few days (contact me if you would like a beta version).

I also got a new, professionally-design logo for AudioExplorer+:

Notice how the background is the plus sign to match up with the name AudioExplorer+.

Plus, one user of AudioExplorer made up an alternative icon and splash screen for AudioExplorer that I’ll post here if anyone would like to use them (the user was kind enough to grant me permission to use them):

Notice how the record player is in the shape of a magnifying glass, similar to the design of the standard AE icons.

New beta version of AudioExplorer+

After a very long delay (too much to do at work and too much snow in the nearby mountains here), I’m finally confident enough to let my beta testers try out the latest beta version of AudioExplorer+, version 0.3. I’ve completely overhauled the search process so that it’s faster and more informative (see screenshot below); it should also be more stable. Plus, the search (and also adding to iTunes) can continue while the app is in the background. There is also a special search for new apps (the + button): but it’s important to note, this searches for newly installed apps, not new audio files in existing apps. The ringtone/itunes queues have also been improved.

I also changed to bundle identifier, because a plus sign isn’t allowed in bundle ids (so it got converted to a minus sign: AudioExplorer- doesn’t send the right message).

If anyone not in my beta tester list wants to try it out, let me know (post a comment here or send me an email) and I’ll forward you the app to try out.

If no more major problems are found, I’d like to release on Cydia within the next few days/weeks.

AudioExplorer+ delayed

Due to various “problems” (serious problems discovered in the audio search process, more to do at work, enough snow near me to go cross-country skiing), I unfortunately haven’t made much progress with the paid version of AudioExplorer, creatively called AudioExplorer+. But I haven’t forgotten about it, in fact, I recently bought a jailbroken iPhone 4 on eBay with SHSH Blobs going back to iOS 4.3 to help me in testing the app (one iPod just isn’t enough). The GPS features will also help me find my way through the snowy mountain trails. And I can also finally try out the app AnyRing, which doesn’t run on the iPod.

Looking for beta testers

Just in time for Christmas, I’m hoping to both give and receive: to give a beta version of AudioExplorer+ (a possible name for a paid version of AudioExplorer with more features), hoping to get feedback in return. Anyone who’d like to try out a beta version (expires in Feb. ’13), please contact me. I also need a place for bug reporting. I’ll try just using this website for the time being. Just reply to this post. This has the advantage that other beta testers will see what’s already posted to avoid duplicates.

Merry Christmas!

Nice review

I recently discovered a new review of AudioExplorer that’s original, thorough and well written:


(I first came across a similar looking site, but I think that’s just a knock off). The author even found a way to easily access the audio files found by AudioExplorer without knowing the exact path.

However, the author also seems to be annoyed at the “intentional limitations” in AudioExplorer. To that I’d just to (politely) reply that I’ve got a day job that doesn’t bring me into contact with Objective C or anything Apple (unfortunately Visual C++, although Visual Studio 2010 sure beats Xcode), so I’m basically doing all this in my free time. Since I don’t know the ins and outs of iOS as well as others who have been at this for years (I’ve only had my iPod touch for about a year and a half), it’s taken me some time to get seemingly basic things working (like the signing problem I had in the last few versions).

Sure, I could have waited with the release of the basic version and released both it and a paid version at once, but I like to do things gradually. I’m busy adding little features one by one to AudioExplorer that will add to the usefulness of a full version.

But with any luck I hope to have a paid version of AudioExplorer out by the end of the year, with some cool new features I haven’t seen in any other similar apps.

Problems with iOS 5.1.1

I only unfortunately only have one iOS device for testing, an iPod Touch 4G which I use as a smart-phone-without-phone, tethered to a Nokia dumb phone or using WiFi. So in other words, I use it for testing but don’t have a completely blank slate that’s normally needed for proper testing.

Some users reported problems with newer versions of AudioExplorer and iOS 5.1, which I was unable to verify, not having upgraded to that version yet myself. I was also under the impression that versions 5.0.1 and 5.1 were similar enough. However, after I was forced to upgrade to 5.1.1 myself in order to use a certain app (DB Tickets), I finally was able to find out the problem: 5.1.1 seems to be stricter about how an app is signed. Plus, my iPod ran builds of AudioExplorer that didn’t run on one of my beta testers’ device. The previous releases 1.3, 1.4, 1.4.1 all had this problem. However, the next release will, with a bit of luck, finally really work with iOS 5.1.

While I’m waiting for the beta testers to test, I took the time to incorporate some of their suggestions, like the ability to manually remove an app from the app listing. This is not only handy if the app is deleted (thus avoiding a complete refresh), but also if you just want to remove an app you’re not interested in (of course, neither the audio files nor the app itself is removed from the iDevice, just the listing in AudioExplorer).

Browsing my Mac’s files in iOS Simulator

Even though I can’t test a lot of functionality on the iOS Simulator, I like to run AudioExplorer in it every once in a while, to do things like see how the app (might) look on an iPad (I only have an iPod Touch for testing). I’m adding a new feature to Audioexplorer that is basically a file browser filter for audio files. I was surprised to find when testing this functionality on the iOS Simulator, I didn’t get an error when trying to open the root directory, or the contents of the Simulators home directory (which would be ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/x.xx on my mac) but instead got the contents of my Mac’s own root directory. Here’s a screenshot of the Applications directory:

I guess since App Store apps can’t access most parts of the file system, the Simulator developers didn’t invest any time in making the file access feature realistic. For me, it didn’t matter much, the test was still useful.

2 new youtube video reviews (no farts as far as I can tell)

I keep on being surprised by new reviews of AudioExplorer, especially by video reviews, because they take more time and effort to create than a bit of text and a few screenshots. Unlike the previous video, flatulence did not play a major role in either video (despite my lack of knowledge of french, I’m going to go out on a limb and make that claim).

Cydia Tweak- AudioExplorer

AudioExplorer – Rechercher Les Fichiers Audio De Vos Applications

Unfortunately, no review like these of version 1.2, which hints at a few features I plan on adding in the next few days/weeks (most likely in a paid version).

New Icon, new language review

I used a vector graphic program (Pixelmator) to create a new icon and an iconizer (Iconkit) to round the corners and create a bit of gloss:

Still not professional, but definitely better than the previous one, created in a raster graphics editor. And just for kicks I added text to create a startup image:

Oh, and I found another language AudioExplorer was briefly reviewed in (unfortunately Chrome again didn’t offer a translation):


Hopefully when I release my paid version of the app I won’t have any problems with sanctions. 😛

P.S. Here’s another language, translatable by Google Translate: