I’ve finally found a quality review in English, from the USA (in fact from my home state of Connecticut), with a Youtube video to boot:

The video dwells a bit too much on flatulance for my taste, but it also shows some important issues that I need to fix, like a missing icon for my app and an app listed in AudioExplorer with both missing name and icon. I hope to get these things repaired in the next release.

Burmese post

I found another interesting post about AudioExplorer, but unfortunately Chrome didn’t offer to translate for me, as it’s in Burmese and apparently there’s no machine translation for that language offered yet. But still it’s a nice language to look at, with lot’s of curved letters that seem to me like different variations of the infinity sign (∞). It’s a nice post because it has self-made screenshots with apps that I at least I’ve never seen in any of the other screen shots (the poster probably scrolled down past the A’s to avoid posting all the Angry Birds apps ;)).


I recently uploaded my first iPhone app called AudioExplorer (jailbreak only) to Cydia App Store via BigBoss, and was pleasantly surprised upon doing a Google search shortly after by the numerous mentions of the app on various sites around the world. Here’s a sampling, in no particular order (although that’s not quite true, the order here is the order I found them in, more or less):

Noticeably absent are any high quality English language posts (i.e. not just basically copying my description and using my screenshots) and any post whatsoever in German. Or perhaps the notoriously law-abiding Germans are afraid jailbreaking an iPhone is against the law? 😉

Here’s the link to the app hosting:

The free app basically searches the contents of your apps (iTunes and Cydia) for playable audio files and stores them for easy playback.

The next version will most likely cost a buck or two but have more useful features, such as the ability to add songs to the iPod Library and set ringtones.