Looking for beta testers

Just in time for Christmas, I’m hoping to both give and receive: to give a beta version of AudioExplorer+ (a possible name for a paid version of AudioExplorer with more features), hoping to get feedback in return. Anyone who’d like to try out a beta version (expires in Feb. ’13), please contact me. I also need a place for bug reporting. I’ll try just using this website for the time being. Just reply to this post. This has the advantage that other beta testers will see what’s already posted to avoid duplicates.

Merry Christmas!

Nice review

I recently discovered a new review of AudioExplorer that’s original, thorough and well written:


(I first came across a similar looking site, but I think that’s just a knock off). The author even found a way to easily access the audio files found by AudioExplorer without knowing the exact path.

However, the author also seems to be annoyed at the “intentional limitations” in AudioExplorer. To that I’d just to (politely) reply that I’ve got a day job that doesn’t bring me into contact with Objective C or anything Apple (unfortunately Visual C++, although Visual Studio 2010 sure beats Xcode), so I’m basically doing all this in my free time. Since I don’t know the ins and outs of iOS as well as others who have been at this for years (I’ve only had my iPod touch for about a year and a half), it’s taken me some time to get seemingly basic things working (like the signing problem I had in the last few versions).

Sure, I could have waited with the release of the basic version and released both it and a paid version at once, but I like to do things gradually. I’m busy adding little features one by one to AudioExplorer that will add to the usefulness of a full version.

But with any luck I hope to have a paid version of AudioExplorer out by the end of the year, with some cool new features I haven’t seen in any other similar apps.