new beta version soon, new icon/s

I’ve finally gotten around to switching to a different AAC conversion library (Michael Tyson’s TPAACAudioConverter) and also adding a function to delete the empty duplicate audio files that AudioExplorer+ produced after an iTunes library import. I hope to have this available to beta testers in the next few days (contact me if you would like a beta version).

I also got a new, professionally-design logo for AudioExplorer+:

Notice how the background is the plus sign to match up with the name AudioExplorer+.

Plus, one user of AudioExplorer made up an alternative icon and splash screen for AudioExplorer that I’ll post here if anyone would like to use them (the user was kind enough to grant me permission to use them):

Notice how the record player is in the shape of a magnifying glass, similar to the design of the standard AE icons.

New beta version of AudioExplorer+

After a very long delay (too much to do at work and too much snow in the nearby mountains here), I’m finally confident enough to let my beta testers try out the latest beta version of AudioExplorer+, version 0.3. I’ve┬ácompletely overhauled the search process so that it’s faster and more informative (see screenshot below); it should also be more stable. Plus, the search (and also adding to iTunes) can continue while the app is in the background. There is also a special search for new apps (the + button): but it’s important to note, this searches for newly installed apps, not new audio files in existing apps. The ringtone/itunes queues have also been improved.

I also changed to bundle identifier, because a plus sign isn’t allowed in bundle ids (so it got converted to a minus sign: AudioExplorer- doesn’t send the right message).

If anyone not in my beta tester list wants to try it out, let me know (post a comment here or send me an email) and I’ll forward you the app to try out.

If no more major problems are found, I’d like to release on Cydia within the next few days/weeks.