new version of AE+ 1.1.2

I’ve just submitted a new version of AE+ for updating to the BigBoss repo. Version 1.1.2 has these new features:

– Switch between multiple/single selection mode with a long tap on an audio file
– Ability to refresh files view listings

Plus a lot of changes in the background which will make it easier for me to release apps similar to AE+ in the future.
Unfortunately, editing file details before importing to ringtones/iTunes didn’t make it into this version. Here’s how NOT to ask me when it will be ready:

Still can edit song info or album art huh? Waste of my $5.00 smh how long do we have to wait sir?

Obviously, this is someone who, aside from not knowing about patience and politeness (not to mention the most basic of English grammar), lacks all knowledge of both economics and coding. A feature like this is not something that can be added in 5 minutes, and the little money that AE+ is bringing in barely covers the work I’ve been putting into this project since I started about a year ago. I suggested that if he wants this feature faster, he should donate some money to have this go higher on my priority list. I also offered him his $1.99 back (unsure of what currency smh is), but I haven’t heard back on either suggestion. Apparently the feature isn’t that valuable to him, but he does want to keep using AE+.

AudioExplorer+ 1.1.1 available soon, further updates and other apps in planning

AudioExplorer+ 1.1.1 is currently in beta testing and will most likely be available in Cydia in the next few days. New features:

  • Pull to refresh in the app view can refresh just a single app, so you don’t need to refresh all apps just to get new audio files from one app
  • Refresh buttons combined to one button with two options (as before, full and partial search).

As you’ve probably noticed, I like to do a lot of small updates rather than a big update with a lot of changes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, but I think multiple small updates are easier to manage in my case, with a relatively small user base (and on a platform where most users have the latest versions of the OS).

Most likely the next feature I will add will be a way to edit ringtone names (which will be a easy starting point for at least partial ID3 tag support with iTunes imports). I also need to set up AudioExplorer+ up so that translations to other languages are easy–Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Russian are the most likely candidates for initial translations.

From there, I plan on releasing more paid apps in Cydia with functionality similar to AudioExplorer+ (more details to come).