Translations anyone? Plus new version.

One longtime user of AudioExplorer+ kindly offered a while ago to translate my app into his native tongue, Arabic. At the time I was too busy adding features and fixing bugs to set up my app for localized versions. The strings in Objective C code would need to be changed from

@"Hello, World"


NSLocalizedString(@"Hello, World", @"This is the computer saying hello to the world")

which is not necessarily a fun undertaking (even if you leave out the comment strings).

I was thinking of making an Mac App that would assist in changing normal Objective C strings to localizable strings, but never found enough time or energy to start this undertaking. And as I’ve never done any Mac programming, this is probably a good thing.

Luckily, thanks to StackOverflow, I found a very nice, free, open-source Xcode plugin that can help in the conversion:

So now I’m finally found the tool I needed to help me make my app translatable.

To go along with the next version of AudioExplorer+ (1.5), I hope to offer several different languages: Arabic, Hebrew, German and Bahasa Melayu. If anyone else would like to volunteer to translate, please let me know! I’ll then promise free version of any future apps I release.

AE+ 1.5 will also add other new features, like the ability to add to alert tones and the audiobook libraries, and use the Gremlin plugin for imports of certain files.