Description for VideoExplorer

Here’s the description for VideoExplorer I plan to use when it’s released on Cydia:

VideoExplorer can turn virtually any video on your iOS device into an audio ringtone, even videos you’ve recorded yourself with the standard camera app. It’s especially useful for converting videos from YouTube downloader apps (such as ProTuber from the App Store and MxTube or Universal Video Downloader from Cydia) into ringtones. In additional to ringtone and alert tones, you can also import videos to the Video app as movies, TV episodes or music videos, as well as into the iPod library or podcasts (all options with full meta-tag editing capabilities). VideoExplorer also allows you to easily open videos in other apps.
Videos can be found either in the apps tab (which lists the video files by app), or in the files tab (which filters out empty folders and non-video files to make it easier to find what you’re looking for). From there, you can send the videos to one of the many queues, for ringtones, music videos, and more. You can also queue a whole bunch of files at once–tap and hold to switch between single and multiple selection modes, or use the action button on the upper right. Once in the queue, you can then edit the file’s meta-tags (including the album artwork) by double-tapping on the file, before finally importing all the files by tapping on the import button.
VideoExplorer can also make use of the Gremlin framework, which allows imported music and videos to sync back to iTunes.
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new app: VideoExplorer

For the past few weeks I have been working on an app similar to AudioExplorer+ that works for any kind of video file iOS can play. This will enable everyone who uses a video download apps like MxTube from Cydia or ProTuber and MyTube from the Apple AppStore to do lots of cool stuff with the videos, like set them as ringtones or alert tones, add them to the iPod library or open them in other apps. You can even make audio ringtones of your own videos!

Here’s a sneak preview of the new app (ok, it’s just the splash screen, app icon and tab button icons):

2013-09-04 23.14.382013-09-04 23.13.27