Description and screenshots for LyricsExplorer

I’m currently finishing up a small new app called LyricsExplorer, and will post the description (which has parts similar to CoverArtExplorer) and screenshots here that I will end up using on BigBoss.

LyricsExplorer is a simple app that lets you do what no other app on Cydia or elsewhere has done before: you can change the lyrics of songs in the music library for any iOS device running iOS 5 up through iOS 8. If the song had no lyrics, you can add new lyrics and change it at any time.

This app works with music from iTunes match as well as music imported with the popular music importing apps in Cydia, as well as music from iTunes (purchased on-device or synced).

Please note that unless the item you’ve changed is going to sync back anyway, changes do not appear in iTunes (you may also need to adjust some sync settings to stop iTunes from erasing the changes upon syncing, or use selective sync or even turn off music syncing).

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