New beta version of AudioExplorer+

After a very long delay (too much to do at work and too much snow in the nearby mountains here), I’m finally confident enough to let my beta testers try out the latest beta version of AudioExplorer+, version 0.3. I’ve completely overhauled the search process so that it’s faster and more informative (see screenshot below); it should also be more stable. Plus, the search (and also adding to iTunes) can continue while the app is in the background. There is also a special search for new apps (the + button): but it’s important to note, this searches for newly installed apps, not new audio files in existing apps. The ringtone/itunes queues have also been improved.

I also changed to bundle identifier, because a plus sign isn’t allowed in bundle ids (so it got converted to a minus sign: AudioExplorer- doesn’t send the right message).

If anyone not in my beta tester list wants to try it out, let me know (post a comment here or send me an email) and I’ll forward you the app to try out.

If no more major problems are found, I’d like to release on Cydia within the next few days/weeks.

8 thoughts on “New beta version of AudioExplorer+

  1. hi sir,
    sorry for late reply 🙂 .. i like this new version .. seems very fast compared to previous version .. searching also faster than before .. using is almost a week now and i’m happy with it .. keep up with the great work …

    thank you

  2. Thanks for trying it out, does the search complete for you? You’ll know it’s done when there’s a popup about how many apps and audio files were found.
    I don’t know if you’ve updated to iOS 6 yet–unfortunately there are some problems with iOS 6 and AudioExplorer+….

    • My pleasure sir. Searching is completed with this new version. i’m still on iOS 5.1.1. I have another iphone 4, ipod touch 4th generation and the new ipad mini with iOS 6.1, i’ll try it later today.

      Thank you sir

      • Good to hear that’s working. In iOS 6.0 the problems seem to be:

        – search finds files and lists them in the wrong apps (for Cydia/System apps)
        – adding to iTunes library creates duplicate files that don’t play

        Plus there’s the problem that the ringtone conversion doesn’t seem to work (also in iOS 5.x) for anyone but for me 😉

        The problems should be easy to fix, except for the duplicate entry in the iTunes library. That may take some time….

  3. Hi sir,
    simple observation after installed :

    iPhone 4 iOS 6.1

    -crashed if clicked on About

    Thank you

    • Thanks for testing again!
      Sorry, that’s one thing I forgot to mention–already fixed, and available in the free version. A new beta version will be available when I get the double iTunes import and ringtone conversion problems fixed.

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