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I’ve finally gotten around to switching to a different AAC conversion library (Michael Tyson’s TPAACAudioConverter) and also adding a function to delete the empty duplicate audio files that AudioExplorer+ produced after an iTunes library import. I hope to have this available to beta testers in the next few days (contact me if you would like a beta version).

I also got a new, professionally-design logo for AudioExplorer+:

Notice how the background is the plus sign to match up with the name AudioExplorer+.

Plus, one user of AudioExplorer made up an alternative icon and splash screen for AudioExplorer that I’ll post here if anyone would like to use them (the user was kind enough to grant me permission to use them):

Notice how the record player is in the shape of a magnifying glass, similar to the design of the standard AE icons.

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  1. General comments (from latest beta test email):

    I see that you got a new logo. If you haven’t finalized the name of the app yet, I wanted to throw “Sound Harvest” or “Audio Harvester” out there for a suggestion.

    AEPlus 0.4:

    On a general note (regarding compatibility): I tested AE+ on both an iPhone 4 CDMA running iOS 5.1.1 and an iPad 2 CDMA running iOS 6.1.2. AE+ crashes every 30-40 apps on my iPhone. It crashes every single time on the iPad. I am collecting diagnostic log information for submission.

    On “+ (new app search)” and “reload” buttons. I suggest the magnifying glass be used to “find/search” for new apps not cached. A general question I have is what happens when an app is updated. Does AE+ understand it should rescan that app because the cached entries are probably stale?

    When searching for apps to install, there is a modal dialog popup with a spinner saying that it is scanning for files. When you dismiss the popup, you’re presented with a curtained progress spinner. It seems redundant. Further, I suggest making a “cancel” button available. User could always resume by hitting “+/search”.

    Since you have cached entries available, it’d be nice to mark the list entry with “new” when an app has been discovered. I’d keep the “new” flag marked on each list entry for the duration of the day (new flags all drop after 24 hours of discovery). Further, adding a badge to the “Apps” button on the bottom indicating how many new apps have been added to the cache would be a plus.

    When you click on an app to view the files contained, it would be nice to have an option to display the length of the file next the to the file name. This would allow the user to understand how long the file will play to make it ringtone appropriate (or text tone if applicable).

    Icons for buttons at the bottom (Apps, Files, Queue, About) are not Retina quality.

    If sounds are queued for adding to the iPod or ringtone library, a badge should be shown on the bottom row button to indicate that there are pending files (and how many) to be committed (saved).

    If a file has been added to the queue, the user may want to call it something different than “01.wav” or “aa.aiff”. Adding an edit button so that they can be renamed to something useful to describe them would be a HUGE plus. Further, the edit button would allow you to delete an item from the queue (for people not familiar with the swipe to delete for list items).

    On the Queue view, I would rename the “Go” button to “Save” to make it a bit more obvious on what is about to happen.

    I know I had a few comments to offer up, but all in all, it’s been great to see AE evolve how it has and offer a unique capability not present in Cydia. It’s always fun to hear Tiny Wings sounds for new mail or Angry Birds when I get a new iMessage. I will definitely be using this and have already recommended my iOS friends to be on the lookout for when AE hits release status.

    • Wow, Michael, you have a lot of good ideas! Some of them I’ve thought about too, but I was itching to release first, and add more features later. But the crashes you’re getting are too serious to ignore. I thought I had dealt with all the search crashes, but I guess not. When you say it crashes every single time on the iPad, does that mean once during every search, or once for each app while searching?

      To answer your question about updated apps: no, AE+ is not yet smart enough to refresh these apps.

      • On the iPad, it crashes once per app. I’ve seen it get as far as two apps but only if one of the apps has no audio files. Restarting AE+ resumes the search, but again crashes after it finds more. I sent you the crash log via email but it’s vague. Perhaps a job for “symbolicate” (from the author of Folder Enhancer)?

        • That’s good to know, I’ll have to postpone the release until I get that fixed, I’m sure others will have that problem (I assume you didn’t have problems with the regular AudioExplorer?).
          Yes, I’ve had similar crash reports, haven’t been able to get much information, but I’ll try your suggestion about symbolicate.
          Thanks for the testing!

  2. Another comment that I failed to mention earlier, when hitting the “reload” button, AE+ will search all apps for files (thus flushing the cache). It would be nice if the user was informed this and allowed to cancel in case they didn’t really want to do that. I’ve done it twice already. 🙂

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