AudioExplorer+ for sale on Cydia

AudioExplorer+ v1.0 is finally up for sale on Cydia for $1.99. Thanks to all the support from my beta-testers for finding and reporting bugs and other issues. Now that my Cydia vendor account is up and running, I hope to be adding new features to AudioExplorer+ very soon, provided no other bugs appear!

For more information, check out the description on BigBoss:

or go direct to Cydia (jailbroken iOS devices only):


22 thoughts on “AudioExplorer+ for sale on Cydia

  1. My apps …. Ifile, Cubasis, Audiobus, Garageband, SampleTank, Bridge, Auria …. Please fix

    • Can you tell me what iOS you’re using? And can you try this in safe mode to see if that has an effect?

  2. Hello. Will AudioExplorer+ work with VoiceOver for blind users? Sorry to respond to the post, but I can find no other way to contact anyone.

    • This is a perfect place to reply! This way other users can see the information.

      I activated VoiceOver and tried out AudioExplorer+. Most things worked, and I’m sure someone who’s more familiar with VoiceOver would have an easier time than me (one thing I couldn’t get to work was the swipe to delete feature, but perhaps there’s a special way of doing that, too).

      Let me know if you have any other questions (my email address is on the Cydia page for AudioExplorer, and on my twitter account @comdorcet).

  3. on loading, app search returns really fast – with nothing. Neither full search nor partial search returns apps. (prior version was uninstalled before this was installed)
    OS 6.1

    • Ok, I forget to mention you might need to reinstall the AppList library after uninstalling the cydia version of AE+. I’ll add a warning in the next version. Thanks for testing and reporting!

  4. App list installed works …

    Noticed some audio file types not playable
    as ringtones – .mp3 .aif – these were also longer files in case that matters
    .caf and .wav seem to work fine

      • I lengthened the names of an mp3 and an aif file and had no problems adding them to ringtones. Can you try the reverse–shortening the names of the files you’re having trouble with and see if that helps?

  5. The sound files were from Garage Band (mp3’s and .aif)
    i just found a bark.aif which is short and that went through to being a ringtone ok.
    some of the other riff’s that were .aif or .mp3 that are longer don’t seem to play as previews in Settings -> Sound menu or work as ringtones when selected.

    I found the .m4r files and brought them back to my computer and they played fine, so whatever conversion seems to be working. Either their length or maybe they are copy protected ? I don’t see other differences. I could send you the .plist and the .m4r’s if that would help

  6. tried all combo’s – its not the name length, its the file size (length).
    I renamed one of the files that would not play to one that would, so as to isolate all the .plist stuff, etc., and the long file would still not play when masquerading as another shorter file that would. Seems to be an upper limit to duration of ring tones?

    • That would make sense, thanks for finding this out! Can you tell me, just as a reference point, how large the file was?
      Update: I just tried a 33 MB MP3, seems to work without problems. Were your files larger?

  7. Anything over 200k or seems to be silent
    But from what I read its 30-40 seconds in length that is the limit

    • Strange how my device doesn’t seem to be affected by this limit. What device are you using? And where’d you read about the limit?

  8. I’m talking about the resulting files after installed into the Ringtones directory. I just did another couple tests with just dropping mp3’s into a New Folder under Apps – app found it fine, and did conversions from queue – everything was fine into iTunes / iPod library, but Ringtones show up but won’t play. These were 4.5MByte files going in shorter one is about a minute long. They play before conversion from inside aePlus, but after conversion in settings menu where I try to set the ringtone they are silent – yet the output copied back to PC plays fine. Funny that it doesn’t just play until timelimit, but noticed a fileexplorer app wouldn’t play it either (probably using same “ringtone player”) – conversion outputs are all fine, and play fine outside iPhone.

    anyway – this has all been on iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 – duplicated results on iPad 3 also running 6.1

    • That sounds quite strange. I’ll have to keep that in mind and see if this problem pops up anywhere else. Thanks for sharing!

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