Update for AE+

I’m currently working on an update for AudioExplorer+, which will add some features that will make it easier for new users to find their way around:

  • Overlay with text that popups when adding items to the queue will be visible longer and have information about the next step
  • Badges on Queue Tab bar indicating the number of items in the queue

Plus, I’ve added the ability to extract album artwork from id3 tags (if available) and use this when importing into the iTunes library (AFAIK not even the Bridge app does this!).

Beta testers will be getting this version in the next few hours/days. I’d like to have this update in Cydia by Easter weekend.

13 thoughts on “Update for AE+

  1. Hi erik … Disregaurd my earlier post… Have got new version on now…anyway took some tracks mp3 from free music app and used ae+ to take to ipod library … It did all but six saying couldnt move these…. When ilooked in ipod library All tunes there .. And all working… So no prob there apart from false notification in ae… Cheers ampstepper nik

  2. Hi erik me again …. Stranger still … The first time i opened ae after update i didnt respring also icon wasnt visible … Just white … Also app worked without nag screen coming up… Did respring nag screen every 2 sec… Aaagh …have mercy… Give me a license please::)also the tracks i moved with your app from an app called free music that ae said hadnt copied work … But get a message everytime saying retry blah blah …. Would purchase your app in a heartbeat if it was on appstore because i only have voucher method to pay… Am in process of sorting paypal out..regards ampstepper nik

    • The nag screen shouldn’t come up so often, what button are you clicking on the popup? BTW, Cydia also takes payment from Amazon if that helps. But helpful beta testers get a free license so they can test future versions 😉 Just send me a screenshot of the nag screen and your Cydia Id via email.

      • When nag screen was 2 sec persistant i was hitting try again button…soon as i hit cydia .. It of course goes to it .. But then kill cydia and ae is nagfree…

        • Yeah, that’s the way the try again works (does the check again). And the open in cydia is supposed to work like you noticed, except that the popup should come up again in 5 minutes. Can you verify if this happens? Thanks in advance!

          • Hey there erik… Have been messing around with ae and samplewiz…. I can only assume you have ” fixed things” at your end . I have no nag screen now at all …. Did respring just to make sure no probs … And no probs… Open in other app button seemed to stick for a bit one time…. But hasnt persisted…one time special offer glitch???? I know not… Anyways cheers… Will report any other rude behaviour as and when it happens… Cheers ampstepper nik

          • Oh right of course, now you can’t test it anymore. Oh well, I’ll find someone else I’m sure 😉

  3. Did take a screenshot …. Couldnt figure out how to attach to response routine…. Bit new at i devices…. Will get there… Cydia id…… Better get one of them too???will look at that… And no erik, amazon payment imposs too… Havnt done online money so far …. Im just starting to dip my toes in the water…. But i did notice when i hit cydia button from nagscreen and then close cydia and go back to ae … Nagscreen disapeared … For good until you closed ae and appkilled it .then repeat….

  4. Sorry also i think a brilliant idea would be a button that searches individual apps for new audio… Just downloaded a new song in free music dload app… It obviously doesnt show up in ae unless i do a full app search… This takes a while on my phone…. Lots of small audio files in beatmaker nanostudio etc… Im hoping this wouldnt be to hard to implement???….again cheers ampstepper nik

    • Yes this is in planning. Can’t say when though. Please get all jailbreak iOS users you know to buy a copy and I’ll be motivated to do this faster 😉

      • I will get my paypal issue sorted soon…. Its such a useful app i will buy it pronto…in meantime like i say if any other issues pop up … Will report… Do keep me in the loop…;) cheers ampstepper nik…

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