AudioExplorer+ 1.1.1 available soon, further updates and other apps in planning

AudioExplorer+ 1.1.1 is currently in beta testing and will most likely be available in Cydia in the next few days. New features:

  • Pull to refresh in the app view can refresh just a single app, so you don’t need to refresh all apps just to get new audio files from one app
  • Refresh buttons combined to one button with two options (as before, full and partial search).

As you’ve probably noticed, I like to do a lot of small updates rather than a big update with a lot of changes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, but I think multiple small updates are easier to manage in my case, with a relatively small user base (and on a platform where most users have the latest versions of the OS).

Most likely the next feature I will add will be a way to edit ringtone names (which will be a easy starting point for at least partial ID3 tag support with iTunes imports). I also need to set up AudioExplorer+ up so that translations to other languages are easy–Arabic, Chinese, French, German and Russian are the most likely candidates for initial translations.

From there, I plan on releasing more paid apps in Cydia with functionality similar to AudioExplorer+ (more details to come).