Album Artwork Formats iOS 7

I’ve been playing around with the private frameworks for the music library on my jailbroken iPhone running iOS 7, and discovered some internal image format labels for album artwork that don’t yield many helpful results in a Google search. For that reason I’m documenting the details here in case anyone else finds it useful.

Artwork id hex value int value
AlbumListJPEG1x 0x01100110 17826064
AlbumListBGRA2x 0x11100110 286261520
OriginalJPEG 0x1000FEED 268500717
CoverFlowJPEG2x 0x1318C318 320389912
MoviePosterGridJPEG2x 0x01780268 24642152
TVSeasonGridJPEG2x 0x01780178 24641912
VideoGridJPEG2x 0x01960196 26608022
MusicTableListLargeJPEG2x 0x01760176 24510838
MusicTableListSmallJPEG2x 0x01000100 16777472

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