Album Artwork editing

I have long wanted to work on an app for Cydia that would let users change the Album Artwork for the music library in iOS, but was lacking the time to work on it. The past few weeks I had enough spare time (due to the lack of snow here in northern Germany) to work on an app for this. It’s a very basic app that just lets users select an image from their photo album and use it as the artwork for an album, artist or song. Artwork can also be deleted as well. The layout of the app is very similar to my other apps in Cydia, using basic table views with menus when tapping on an item, or the ability to select multiple items.

Here are some screenshots, which I also posted on twitter:

2014-02-28 08.46.322014-02-28 08.47.19

I hope to release the beta version for testing soon, and upload for purchase in Cydia soon after that.