New versions of AudioExplorer+ and VideoExplorer

I have new beta versions of both AudioExplorer+ (2.0b) and VideoExplorer (1.2b) for beta testers to try out, which both include the following new features:
– loading an app to list the audio/video files it contains has been improved and is now much faster, especially for apps with many files
– per app information about the amount of audio/visual files each contains
– the ability to send multiple files via email
– improved HUD displayed when searching, queuing and importing
– search and imports can continue in the background longer than the 2-10 minutes in previous versions
– iOS 7 style tab icons from Glyphish (also in files view now indicating folder or audio/visual file)
– small icons used for the apps view
– updated app icons

The app is currently available in my repository for beta testers to try out and will be uploaded to Cydia within the next few days.