I almost finished with a new app for Cydia, MusicExplorer. Here the description of the app along with some screenshots (and the app’s icon) I’ll use for BigBoss:

MusicExplorer is the best way to share or backup music from your iOS music library without touching a computer, either one song at a time, or several at once. It even can zip files for you. You can send files via the messaging app of your choice, as an email attachment, or send them to other apps on your device like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also send music via Airdrop to another iOS device and then import them to the music library using an app like AudioExplorer+.

MusicExplorer works best with non-DRM music. Music with DRM (like Apple Music) can be sent, but won’t be able to be played elsewhere. The song also has to be actually on the device (i.e. not online via iCloud) to be sent. Please note that there may also be restrictions from Apple on sending certain music files via iMessage.

This app is free to try out. If you like it, please purchase a license. This will also remove the ads in the app.

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