Browsing my Mac’s files in iOS Simulator

Even though I can’t test a lot of functionality on the iOS Simulator, I like to run AudioExplorer in it every once in a while, to do things like see how the app (might) look on an iPad (I only have an iPod Touch for testing). I’m adding a new feature to Audioexplorer that is basically a file browser filter for audio files. I was surprised to find when testing this functionality on the iOS Simulator, I didn’t get an error when trying to open the root directory, or the contents of the Simulators home directory (which would be ~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/x.xx on my mac) but instead got the contents of my Mac’s own root directory. Here’s a screenshot of the Applications directory:

I guess since App Store apps can’t access most parts of the file system, the Simulator developers didn’t invest any time in making the file access feature realistic. For me, it didn’t matter much, the test was still useful.