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Just in time for Christmas, I’m hoping to both give and receive: to give a beta version of AudioExplorer+ (a possible name for a paid version of AudioExplorer with more features), hoping to get feedback in return. Anyone who’d like to try out a beta version (expires in Feb. ’13), please contact me. I also need a place for bug reporting. I’ll try just using this website for the time being. Just reply to this post. This has the advantage that other beta testers will see what’s already posted to avoid duplicates.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hello, Erik. I would love to help you test out this new version of AudioExplorer! I’ve been waiting to hear news about it since I last spoke to you through Cydia. : )

    • Hello Noel,
      That’s great, I remember that you mentioned your interest earlier. Did you already get my email with the link?

  2. testing it right now with my iPhone 4, OS 5.1.1.
    using iFunBox transferred AudioExplorer+ to /Applications folder.
    i have to manually : chmod -R a+rwx AudioExplorer+.app/ to make AudioExplorer works. Thank you .

  3. When i clicked ‘Dismiss’ for ‘Searching for audio files’, seems like the spinning wheel stuck forever. i had to kill the AudioExplorer+ process in order to run it again. When i relaunced the app, clicked ‘Cancel’ button in ‘Incomplete audio search’, then i’m ready to use it now ..

  4. wow, great .. able to select ‘bell.caf’ sound from ‘Agenda’ app. Added to Ringtones. Applied it in Queue. And there’s my new ringtone added .. Great features, no more Mr. iTunes for ringtones. Simple and Fast! .. Thank you !

  5. I installed AE+ using iFunbox just like imprun suggested. Manually adding the ‘chmod’ got it to work. Searching for audio files does take a long time since I have lots of apps and when I hit ‘cancel’ the spinning wheel continues indefinitely as well but in the background you can see apps still being added. Every time I refresh and try to cancel, this happens.

    I can send files by email, which is a cool way to back up your audio files but the issue I’m having is trying to install libipodimport so I can transfer my audio files from the queue. I can’t find it on BigBoss repo anymore, Music2iPod on Cydia didn’t include it, and I don’t know where on the iPhone to place the libipodimport folder downloaded from the developer’s page using iFunbox.

    How did you get that part of it done, imprun?

    Thanks for the help, all.


    • Hi HgRising,

      sorry for late reply .. great to hear that ..
      i got libipodimport from Cydia ..

      Cydia -> Search -> Music2ipod -> More by this Developer -> libipodimport

      yes, true .. it’s hard to find it .. i managed to find it using this way πŸ™‚ hope it will help you ..

      thank you

  6. Thanks for testing and for the feedback. I’ll definitely have to deal with this infinite search problem before I do a release of AE+. It could be a simple thing like the search being done but the listing not being made active. Or it could be something complicated involved multi-threading and core data.
    Just want to point out that there is no cancel button yet (though I was thinking of implementing one), it’s just a button that dismisses the popup (one user requested the ability to get rid of the popup, as it interferes with other add-ons). Perhaps a display indicating the number of apps search & to-be-searched would also be a useful addition.
    That’s strange about libipodimport. But it’s OK because libipodimport is a bit outdated and thanks to its main developer I was able to find out a way to import to iPod library and ringtones without hooking into the SpringBoard. This would have the advantage that if anything goes wrong, SpringBoard wouldn’t crash and go into safe mode (every once in a while this would happen to me, but not repeateably).
    So the next beta version of AE+ will have this change. I also found a better way of doing multiple selection that I will implement.
    Hopefully this’ll be out sometime next year πŸ˜‰ i.e. in January 2013.
    Thanks & Happy New Year!

    • Tested the new version, sorry a little bit late ..
      nice new icon ..

      and as HgRising mentioned before “Searching for audio files does take a long time since I have lots of apps and when I hit β€˜cancel’ the spinning wheel continues indefinitely as well but in the background you can see apps still being added. Every time I refresh and try to cancel, this happens.” Yes, it’s still happened with the new version ..

      thank you sir

      • Thanks for testing again!
        I have a new version that does the search a bit differently, perhaps that’ll help.
        I’ll send it out to you all in the next few days if you’d like to test some more. One cool new feature: when you add audio from an app to the iTunes library, the icon for that app is used as the album artwork!

        • great sir, new version with new feature πŸ™‚ as always i’m looking forward to test it..

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