AudioExplorer+ delayed

Due to various “problems” (serious problems discovered in the audio search process, more to do at work, enough snow near me to go cross-country skiing), I unfortunately haven’t made much progress with the paid version of AudioExplorer, creatively called AudioExplorer+. But I haven’t forgotten about it, in fact, I recently bought a jailbroken iPhone 4 on eBay with SHSH Blobs going back to iOS 4.3 to help me in testing the app (one iPod just isn’t enough). The GPS features will also help me find my way through the snowy mountain trails. And I can also finally try out the app AnyRing, which doesn’t run on the iPod.

2 thoughts on “AudioExplorer+ delayed

  1. Hey there… I think this is a great idea … I use nano studio thumbjam and loads of other apps on a jailbroke iPhone 4 …. I buy the apps after evaluation…. Ios5.1.1…. Would gladly beta test a version that could easily open audio inter app stiley….I have no idea how it works as to you getting a beta version to me… I’m just a guy who uses his phone for music…..

    • Hi Nick, thanks for the post. I had to read up on inter-app audio in iOS 6 is, thanks for the heads-up! I’m still working on the next beta-version, I’ll let you know when it’s ready and how you can install it.

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