1. What about Spotify / Grooveshark / XYZ app, can AE+ find my music there?

A: Apps like these often store audio files in archived or encrypted formats. If you’re unsure about an app, please don’t ask me–ask the developer of the app if they store their audio files as regular, unencrypted audio files. If so AE+ will find the audio files. You can also just try the free AudioExplorer app and see what it finds (will be the same as AE+).


2. Can AE+ play FLAC / Ogg / XYZ format audio files?

A: FLAC and Ogg are audio formats that iOS (currently) can’t play without extra libraries. Again, if in doubt try the free AudioExplorer app.


3. How do I delete a ringtone I don’t want anymore?

A: AE+ imported ringtones are stored in /private/var/mobile/Media/Purchases/.


4. Will AE+ imports to the iTunes library transfer to my Mac or PC via iTunes?

A: Yes, AE+ versions 1.5 up have the option to use Gremlin for importing. These imports will be able to sync back to iTunes.


5. Ringtone and/or iTunes/iPod import isn’t working for me, what’s the problem?

A: Most likely it’s a tweak, try disabling/uninstalling all tweaks (Universal Video Downloader is a known conflict). You could also just set the device in safe mode (i.e. with the SBSettings tweak, which is available for free in Cydia, as in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoSWAdfvmYQ. Note: Please place items in AudioExplorer+’s queue before entering safe mode). Upgrading to iOS 6.1.2 also helped at least one user. It’s important to try importing with and without Gremlin turned on (the setting is found in the versions of AudioExplorer+ 1.5 and above, on the About tab under Settings). If none of these solutions work, please look at the iOS log file when importing the ringtone (see this link to find out how to read the log file: http://superuser.com/questions/15855/iphone-log-reader) to see if anything is logged there that might pinpoint the problem.

Please also note that there may be a limit to the length a ringtone can be on your device.


6. Why does AE+ crash during the search process? The regular AE never crashed while searching.

A: AE+’s search process is very different from (and much faster than) the search in the regular AE. For this reason it consumes a lot of processing power for a short period of time, which may cause some battery saving tweaks to kill AE+ while searching. Please disable these tweaks for AE+. The search process is too short to have a major effect on the battery level.