Change Log


Updated for iOS 7 and 64 bit devices (import using Gremlin)

– double tap opens built-in player (in apps and files views)
– can now delete audio files in files view (e.g. ringtones added with AudioExplorer+)
– fixed problem with “Open Music/Podcasts/Settings app” not working on some devices (after import)
– fixed problem of settings not being initialized properly
– other minor fixes and changes

– improved id3 tag retrieval
– audio file duration displayed in Files tab
– bugfixes (fixed problems with album artwork using camera roll, landscape mode after playing in built-in player, automatic id3 tag filling)

– ability to set the length of imported ringtones with in-settings
– ringtone conversion can now be done while app is in background
– duration of audio files displayed in Apps and Queue tabs
– option to open settings/music/podcast apps after importing
– bugfixes (affected ordering of items in the queue, meta tag retrieval) and minor improvements

– optionally use Gremlin as importing engine where possible (mp3/mp4 files, iPod library, podcasts and ringtones/alert tones)
– importing to the audiobook library and alert tone collection
– files view uses emoji to differentiate between folders and audio files
– files view now starts at /var/mobile rather than just /
– directory loading in files view done in background
– various bugfixes (album artwork, track number, partial search)

– ability to add to podcast library
– better tag recognition for certain audio files
– ability to open original audio file in iFile/myFile
– album artwork for apps uses iTunes Artwork file, if available
– fixed potential memory leak in search process
– minor bugfixes and UI changes

– ability to edit music tags (album, title, artist, composer, track
number and album artwork) before importing into iPod library
– partial search also removes apps that are no longer installed
– fixed problem of hard-to-click cancel button in the menu for external apps

– ability to edit ringtone names before import (double tap in
single-selection mode)
– adding/deleting from queue is now faster
(This version requires a new audio file search to be made)

– Switch between multiple/single selection mode with a long tap on an audio file
– Ability to refresh files view listings

– Pull to refresh in the app view can refresh just a single app, so you don’t need to refresh all apps just to get new audio files from one app
– Refresh buttons combined to one button with two options (as before, full and partial search).

– Overlay with text that popups when adding items to the queue will be visible longer and have information about the next step
– Badges on Queue Tab bar indicating the number of items in the queue

– Bugfix for iPad 2 (Open in menu wasn’t displayed correctly)
– New format for about tab with some FAQs

Initial release