About AudioExplorer

AudioExplorer and AudioExplorer+ are apps available in the Cydia store (and thus only run on jailbroken iOS devices). Both apps search your iOS device for audio files stored in apps. The search process takes just a few minutes, depending on the number of apps you have insalled on your device. The free AudioExplorer lets you play back these files, and AudioExplorer+ lets you also use these files as your ringtone, add them to the iPod library or open them in other apps.

What people are saying about AudioExplorer+:

I bought this almost immediately after launch. I’m not sure why, but the simplicity of extracting sounds and music from most applications really appealed to me. Since that initial purchase, the dev has been very on top of big fixes and tweaks. Mobile games are becoming higher and higher quality, and the soundtracks improve as well. A redditor posted that he used this to extract the radio stations from Vice City, and damned if I didn’t do the same. I also grabbed clips out of Worms and Bastion for some sweet alarm and alert tones.

One thought on “About AudioExplorer

  1. Hi, so I just bought your app “CoverArtExplorer”, I’ve looked for something similar for a while so I was really glad I found this. But the enthusiasm has gone when I tried to actually set my custom album cover.
    Not only the one album cover changed, but it changed covers on all the albums I have on my phone. How does this app work?
    Dayum I’m pissed.

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